Sunday, May 31, 2009

Amigurumi Muno from Yo Gabba Gabba--Crochet Tutorial

Muno! He's tall and friendly.

My son loves to watch Yo Gabba Gabba, so I'm going to make the whole crew of gabba friends for him. Izak's favorite is Plex, but I started my task with Muno because he seems the simplest. There is another free pattern out there for Muno, but I don't like to follow patterns and I really wanted my Muno to have the little bumps that the real Muno has.

Here is what I came up with:
I think that I should have made his torso a little longer for him to look more like the actual television character, but my son is happy with him. Now, for the basic tutorial:

I used Peaches & Cream worsted weight cotton in red for his body, and in black and white for his eye. I used an I hook for his body, and a smaller G hook for his eye.

I started Muno how I would start any amigurumi. I made a slip stitch, chained two, then single crocheted into the second chain from the hook. Instead of making five or six single crochets, though, I only made three. Then I increased three stitches evenly each round until I reached twenty-four stitches.

Now I just worked the even twenty-four stitches for about five inches (should have been longer, maybe eight), putting in a puff stitch a few times every round. I tried to keep it as random as possible so I didn't create some sort of puff stitch pattern.

A puff stitch is when you stick your hook through the stitch, yarn over and pull it through, yarn over, stick it in the stitch, yarn over, pull it thorough, yarn over, stick it in the stitch, yarn over, pull it thorough. Sometimes you will do this yarn over, stick it in the stitch, yarn over and pull it thorough one more time. After you have done all this and have about a million stitches on your hook, yarn over one last time and pull it through all million stitches. You've made one puff stitch.

Just in case that isn't clear (haha), here is a video tutorial (I don't do the chain one at the end, though)

After you have worked evenly with the puff stitch to whatever length you want Muno's torso to be, it's time for the leg split. This is where it is important that you still have twenty-four stitches because twelve will be used for each leg. You are going to count twelve stitches going clockwise, including the one on your hook, then join with a slip stitch. Count to make sure there are twelve stitches on each side, then begin to single crochet into each stitch, still randomly using the puff stitch, until you reach the desired length for Muno's legs (I went three inches). To finish off his leg just single crochet two stitches together until it is closed. Don't forget to stuff before you close him up!

Now you can begin to work on Muno's second leg. Single crochet in each stitch, making sure you still have twelve, and use the puff stitch like you did on the first leg and torso. Close off this leg the same way as the first, after stuffing.

Sometimes there can be a hole left in the crotch after doing a leg split. This can be easily fixed my just sewing it closed with yarn and a yarn needle.

To make Muno's arms, make a slip stitch, chain two and then single crochet three into the second chain from the hook. Now you're going to single crochet two into each stitch until you have six stitches, then increase by three stitches evenly to get nine. Now, to make the thumb, chain three and single crochet into them. Single crochet into each of the nine stitches around, skipping the thumb. Now you can work even until you get to your desired length (3 inches for me). I decided not to use the puff stitch with Muno's arms because I wanted the thumbs to stand out. Of course, you can use them if you like. I stuffed a small ball of stuffing into the hand section of his arm and left the rest unstuffed.

Do this twice to make two arms.

Muno's eye can be made by crocheting a small black circle, and a larger white circle like I did, then sewing them on. You can also embroidery the eye or just use felt. I used black and white felt to make Muno's mouth and teeth because I'm not too great at embroidery.

Now all you have to do is sew on Muno's arms and you're finished!

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